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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City, Missouri police have a new tool they’re hoping will crack down on sideshows, but not everyone in the metro thinks they’re a good idea.

Public Works installed round black devices called pucks at E. 13th Street and Grand Boulevard in downtown Kansas City. Police say they’re supposed to stop lateral movement of tires performing burnouts.

Desmound Logan owns Cash Cars Dealership and runs Smoke Your Tires Not Your Homies, a car enthusiast group. He travels the country with his 11-year-old son attending car shows and races and doesn’t think devices on the road are the solution to side shows.

“We just gotta give them somewhere else to do it and that’s it,” Logan said. “The donuts? All you got to do is build a facility for it and it’s done. Then inflict your laws, but you can’t just say stop.”

Logan said he wants to sit down with KCPD, not to stop side shows entirely, but to find a way to take them off the streets and let them happen in a controlled environment.

“If you have barricades, insurance, and you have somebody that’s putting it together, then you don’t have the people getting ran over,” Logan said.

FOX4 spoke with Dave Jackson, major of the Traffic Division with KCPD and he says they’re open to other ideas.

“If it’s possible to do this safely, I think we’re open to creative solutions to this,” Jackson said. “I can tell you what’s not a creative solution, and that is coming out on these streets and conducting this deadly activity.”

In the meantime, Jackson said the department will continue to enforce citations for people watching and taking part in side shows.

“We’re not putting up with it. We’ve done some education, we’ve done public service announcements, we are now doing enforcement activity,” Jackson said.

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