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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police say a total of five people were taken into custody Wednesday, including one person riding a horse, during the Chiefs parade celebrating their Super Bowl win.

Two people were detained hours before the parade started following a chase that ended in a crash near the parade route.

The driver of the vehicle, believed to be impaired, broke through the parade barrier on the north side of the route just after 8 a.m. Officers quickly responded and used stop sticks to stop the driver. The driver continued down the route where it turned at Pershing and was headed for a crowd of people.

Multiple police cars were prepared and were able to stop the suspect vehicle without any injuries.

The two people in the vehicle were taken into custody. The passenger was detained for investigation but not booked in jail and will not face charges. Police plan to hold a briefing Thursday morning regarding the chase and potential charges for the driver.

Police also said one person who was riding a horse during the event was arrested. They later clarified that the person was just detained as police investigated, removed from the parade area and later released. That person was not booked or charged.

Another man, described as “a belligerent guy who fell out of a tree,” was also taken into custody, according to KCPD. Like the man on the horse, police later said the man was just detained as police investigated, removed from the parade area and later released. The man was not booked or charged.

A fifth person was arrested at Union Station for disorderly conduct and booked in jail.

During the Kansas City Royals 2015 World Series parade celebration event, there were no reported arrests.