KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On a daily basis, the Kansas City Police Departments takes calls or reports from people who have had their vehicles broken into and their guns stolen.

Donna Drake with KCPD said they want gun owners to be responsible and prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands. She said ask yourself this, “how would I feel if my firearm was stolen and later used to hurt someone or God forbid, to kill someone? “

KCPD said unfortunately that has happened, where someone has used a stolen gun in a homicide and this time of year, the department sees an increase in guns stolen from cars.

“Our property crimes detectives want to warn people about the increase in gun thefts in vehicles and we are recommending if you can leave that at home, that’s the safest way,” Donna said.

Steve Brackeen, the owner of Blue Steel Guns and Ammo in Raytown, Missouri said he hears it often and sees how stolen guns present a problem for his clients.

“We run background checks for the Feds on stolen guns every week and the customer comes to get their recipient that they need for their police report. Every one of them says it was stolen out of my car,” he said.

KCPD and Brackeen realize some people want to keep a gun in their car for safety. However, they recommend a gun safe for your vehicle.

“We have these personal vaults. They are airline approved. Automobile approved. They have a cable in it. You open it and close it with a key,” Brackeen said. “The cable goes around the car seat and locks it into the frame.”

The safes can even be bolted into your car.

KCPD said if someone steals your gun, call them right away to document it. You will want to have the gun’s serial number handy when you make a report.