KCPD using in-home surveillance camera footage on their website in hopes of solving crimes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In an effort to catch more criminals, police are expanding their methods to include modern technology. One example of that comes in the form of private, in-home security cameras.

FOX4 sat down with Kansas City Police Officer Doaa El-Ashkar to show her a video of a man breaking into house on Harrison Street.

Her reaction? Not surprised.

“When they’re determined like this, they will do anything to get in,” El-Ashkar said.

In-home security cameras caught the thief in action.

“That was very good camera footage. You can see the guy very clearly,” El-Ashkar said.

The video shows the man climbing to the second story and right into the home. He then rummages through the house, taking a couple of laptops and an unopened box with him, before leaving a much easier way — right through the front door.

“I did notice there’s not an alarm system. An alarm system doesn’t exactly prevent someone from getting in the house, but it does deter length of time,” El-Ashkar said.

Investigators say at-home surveillance cameras are changing the way they investigate crimes. The department is even using  videos like these in a section on its website called “Busted” to help solve crimes.

“They’re all felony-level charges. Which many any information leading to an arrest of one of the suspects or one of the people featured in the video,” El-Ashkar said.

These suspected criminals may be bold, but El-ashkar said, when you catch their activity on camera, it’s time to call the police.

“Do not go in because you do not know if that person is armed or dangerous. We don’t want to jeopardize anyone’s safety,” El-Ashkar said.

Any information leading to an arrest of one of the suspects or one of the people in the video could lead to some reward money when you call the TIPS hotline.

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