KCP&L Dealing with the Heat

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the heat roars on, flirting with record temps, crews are working 24-7 to make sure KCP&L customers don't have to make sweat it out with no A/C.  Some are even working extra shifts.

At the Hawthorn Power Plant Wednesday, temperatures inside were about 110 to 120 degrees, while employees were wearing head to toe protective gear.  Employees are working in a buddy system so everyone can watch their coworkers and they're taking frequent breaks.  The equipment is also getting some special treatment.

"On this hydrogen cooler, we're spraying water to make sure that there's additional cooling on  the equipment.  We have additional water being sprayed on a lot of the equipment just to make sure it's cool during this hot weather," said Don Scardino, the plant manager.

So far, KCP&L officials say they haven't had any major outages during the summer due to the heat or systems being overloaded.  Officials also say they don't expect any rolling blackouts or brownouts.



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