KCPS principal asks for unique favor — a little help with her students’ laundry at school

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A KC principal is looking for a little bit of help so her students can look good and feel good.

When FOX4 pulled up to Central Middle School around 3 p.m. Tuesday, school buses were gathering around, sports teams were lining up for practice and parents were walking into the school to pick up their kids.

It was business per usual on campus; everything as you would expect to see at a middle school — until we got inside.

We were greeted by kind faces and children rushing to catch their ride. But behind that we noticed two metal detectors for students to walk through before entering.

“Central Middle School is known for being in a more challenged zip code,” principal Simone Chambers said.

Chambers explained some of the unique needs of her students, in addition to detailing how CMS is working to meet them.

“We have a trauma counselor onsite to help students process some of the things they go through outside of campus,” she explained.

Another need includes clean clothes to wear for their school day.

“Being able to come in with clean clothes plays a lot into a students self-esteem and feeling confident that they can go and attack the day and get the work done,” Chambers said. “We have students that experience a lot at a young age with all the things going on in the city, impacting their family members.”

United Way donated a washer and dryer to the campus last year. Chambers said that students come up to staff members on a weekly basis to ask if they can have a change of clothes.

“We love to have that resource for them. It’s no problem to do,” she said.

However, with a high demand and new school year, Chambers is asking for a little help.

“If people can donate laundry detergent, bleach and or fabric softeners, that would really help,” she explained.

If you are interested in donating, you can drop those items off on the campus.

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