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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Students at several metro districts will resume virtual classes exactly two weeks from Tuesday, and KCPS is rolling out new tools to help students during this time.

“They were beyond excited. At first, they were thinking they got to go back to school,” said Rector Wilson, a parent.

Forty buses will heat 190 meal stops five days a week, as long as the service is needed. The buses stop roughly every quarter mile, for 15 minutes each. 

“Food insecurity is a real, silent trauma that many of our families and students face every day, but with COVID-19, it just brought those disparities to the top,” said Jordan Gordon, KCPS Food & Nutrition director.

“The added benefit is we get to make real time connections with our families. The workers we have out here are a tremendous support for our students,” Gordon said.

The friendly faces passing out food are also a critical check-point for kids and families.

“Most definitely, it’s a blessing,” Wilson said.

There’s several students who also need computers this fall. Over the next two weeks, KCPS will give out 15,000 devices and 13,000 WiFi hotspots so kids can log onto virtual school.

“It’s a big undertaking, but absolutely worth it for students and families and the community,” said Joe Phillips, KCPS director of technology.

All the long hours and hard work to keep kids fed and supplied with the technology they need are deeply appreciated.

“Thanks Kansas City Public Schools! We’ll work hard to do our part,” KCPS grandparent Sue Joel said.

KCPS has also created a tech help desk at the district office since more technology is being used.

“Instead of having our technicians out in buildings during the school day, we need all them available on the phone. Additionally, we have walk-ins at our office at 2109 Troost that parents, teachers and students can come to get hands-on tech support if we’re not able to help them remotely,” Phillips said.

KCPS also wants to remind the 2,700 students who did not turn in their device from last year to take it to a device check-out location or to the district office before using it this school year.

Click here to find a device check-out location near you.