KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In less than 16 days, Kansas City will host the 2023 NFL Draft.

Downtown is already transforming for one of the biggest events the region will ever see.

But, with this comes certain logistical problems, like getting kids safely to and from school with roads shut down.

It’s why Kansas City Public Schools made the call to go to virtual learning that Thursday, April 27, and Friday, April 28.

Kansas City Sports Commission President and CEO Kathy Nelson says more road closures are coming this week.

“It is going to be hard to get around the draft footprint site for security reasons, of course, so that is a locked site,” Nelson said. “It’s not like with our parades where you can just walk up and celebrate, so yes, be prepared.”

Friday, KCPS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Collier explained the reasoning for going to remote classes.

“We learned that there will be at least 350,000 to -600,000 people in the city, and so we’re thinking of the traffic flow at that time, how that will impact our student transportation system- which is already extremely stressed- we’re also thinking about student safety,” Collier said.

Jamie Hickey is a stay-at-home mom but feels for working parents now having to coordinate childcare, do their jobs from home, or take those days off entirely.

“There are lot of parents [for whom] it’s hard to cobble together childcare,” Hickey said. “I understand from a functional standpoint, but any of these unexpected days are challenging.”

Collier told FOX4 News’ Tia Johnson Thursday certain options are being considered to help.

“What we’re trying to do is to see if we’re able to, can work with some other entities to provide childcare,” Collier said. “We can’t make any promises around that at this point, but we are seeking some options for our families.”