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KEARNEY, Mo. — A Kearney family is trying to find the person who killed their daughter’s therapy cat over the weekend.

The Taylor family just moved into the Cedar Wood subdivision in Kearney six weeks ago. Now they’re afraid the person who killed their cat could be in their neighborhood.

“I feel like something has been taken from me, from us,” Karralena Taylor said.

Taylor said what she saw Saturday will forever be etched in her memory.

“The cat laying down there bleeding, dying and me bringing him back up,” she said.

The family’s cat, George, had been missing all day when Taylor just so happened to look across the ravine in her back yard and saw him.

“We were devastated,” she said.

The 8-year-old Siamese mix was in the process of dying.

“I could see a small entry wound behind his ear and came to the conclusion he had probably been shot,” the metro mom said.

Kearney police would alter confirm the cat had been shot at close range with a pellet or BB gun.

“To think that there is someone who lives near us that could do something like this is horrifying to us,” she said.

The news was especially hard for Taylor’s daughter Kristen.

“It was traumatic,” Kristen Kelly said. “I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. I just laid with him in the yard for a while.”

She got George when he was just a kitten.

“He always loved to go on adventures and explore outside, so I never thought anything like this would happen,” Kelly said.

George was not only family but also a therapy cat.

“I deal with some depression, so he just, he helps cheer me up,” she said.

The Taylors have their suspicions about who might have shot their cat but say they have no proof.

“We feel like if someone was having a problem with the cat, they should have just come and talked to us,” Taylor said.

The person responsible could face animal cruelty charges in addition to penalties for violating a city ordinance that prohibits pellet guns.

The Taylors said whoever did it not only took away their beloved cat but also stole away their tranquility.

“I feel like everything has changed now. This place, everything’s changed. I wish I could move,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kearney police.