KEARNEY, Mo. — A reported home-invasion and shooting in a Kearney, Missouri neighborhood has neighbors on edge.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said the homeowner fired a gun when he saw breaking in his home. Residents said this is not the first time for break-ins.

Neighbors are unnerved after an attempted home invasion and shooting in the Homes Creek subdivision. They said it’s part of a bigger problem with home and car break-ins over the last 18 months.

“It’s a scary feeling, a frustrating feeling and one that puts you on edge and it’s new,” Quintin Conway said.

Conway and his family have lived in the Holmes Creek neighborhood in Kearney for 13 years.

In March, his truck was broken into, and thieves stole his firearm. He said it’s happened to several others.

“Out here in the rural area, we tend to trust people, neighbors help neighbors. it’s a pretty laid-back environment,” Conway said. “So, to have your personal property seized from you from someone you don’t know is frustrating.”

Conway admits the truck, parked in his driveway, was unlocked, but said it’s scary that his family was home at the time of the break-in.

Sarah Boyd with the sheriff’s office said they received a report about an attempted home invasion and shooting this week.

The homeowner told FOX4 thieves removed lights bulbs around their home and covered motion sensors with plastic.

He said at least two people tried to break in through their back door and that’s when he fired shots. The homeowner said he heard a yelp and the suspects quickly left. Then, he went to check on his family.

“It seems to me like things are getting more brazen and bold and so that puts us on edge and puts us in more of a defensive posture,” Conway said. “As a father, it concerns me that I’m having to be put in this defensive posture for not only my family, but my subdivision, my home, my property, it’s unnerving.”

The homeowner said he has extensive training with firearms.

He urges people to have training before considering taking action and encourages families to have an action plan in case of emergency.

The sheriff’s office says it’s best to proceed with caution in these cases.

“We really caution against that,” Boyd said. “Especially if you can’t see what’s happening outside, if it’s dark, it was dark that evening.”

Boyd said this is generally a safe neighborhood. But in July of last year, three home invasions were reported and are still being investigated.

“Two of the occupants were not home at the time, and somebody entered the homes and stole mostly jewelry and firearms,” Boyd said. “One home was occupied and when somebody tried to get into that home the homeowner flipped on the lights, banged on the windows and the suspects ran off.”

Boyd encourages people to get lights, cameras and look out for your neighbor and lock up. Meantime, Conway has a message for the criminals.

“Respect yourself, respect others, love on them, love others,” Conway said. “Don’t take from them, don’t break-in, don’t hurt.”

The sheriff’s office continues to investigate the reported home invasion and shooting that happened this week and the previous home invasions.

If you have information, call the Sheriff’s Office or the tips hotline at 816-474-8477.