TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly executed her veto power Friday on two controversial bills.

Kelly vetoed both House Bill 2304, which would add firearm safety programs to K-12 schools, and House Bill 2313, which would require care for an infant “born alive” after an attempted abortion.

Kansas’ Democratic governor issued an explanation Friday for both her vetoes.

‘Born Alive’ bill

House Bill 2313 establishes legal protections for infants that are “born alive” after an attempted abortion, requiring doctors to provide the same level of care as any newborn. 

The bill would also create criminal penalties and legal consequences for doctors that fail to provide immediate care.

“This bill is misleading and unnecessary. Federal law already protects newborns, and the procedure being described in this bill does not exist in Kansas in the era of modern medicine. 

“The intent of this bill is to interfere in medical decisions that should remain between doctors and their patients.  

“Therefore, under Article 2, Section 14(a) of the Constitution, I hereby veto House Bill 2313.”  

Gov. Laura Kelly

School Firearms Safety Training bill

House Bill 2304 bill would add firearm safety education programs to grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

It would add the Eddie Eagle program from the National Rifle Association (NRA) to kindergarten through to eighth grade alongside hunter safety education courses from the Kanas Department of Wildlife and Parks to grades 6-12.

“Kansas law makes it clear that it is the role of local school boards and the State Board of Education to establish curriculum and educational standards for our students. 

“This bill is yet again an act of legislative overreach, an attempt to override our locally elected leaders and insert partisan politics into our children’s education. 

“Therefore, under Article 2, Section 14(a) of the Constitution, I hereby veto House Bill 2304.”

Gov. Laura Kelly