KHP releases new info about chase before Kansas deputy ran over former KCK detective


Editor’s note: Some footage included in the video above could be considered graphic to some viewers.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Dash camera video released by attorneys on Thursday shows a patrol truck running over a fleeing suspect.

That man, 35-year-old Lionel Womack, survived, and he’s now filed a civil right lawsuit against the deputy involved at the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Department.

The dash cam footage shows Womack running in a field, trying to evade deputies. Then a patrol truck appears to swerve toward Womack and runs its front left tire over Womack’s body. Deputies then approach with weapons drawn.

The incident happened on Aug. 15. Court documents from Kiowa County show that Womack has been charged with eight different crimes, including reckless driving and attempting to flee.

In addition, the Kansas Highway Patrol has release new details about the pursuit that occurred before the video.

The chase started in Reno County where a trooper clocked Womack at 101 mph in 55 mph zone. That trooper reported that by the time he got turned around, he again clocked Womack at 120 mph in a 55 mph zone and his speeds eventually exceeded 140 mph. The chase was called off for safety reasons, according to KHP.

Twenty minutes later, the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office began pursuing Womack again. This time the chase went through a few counties before it ended in Kiowa County where Pratt County sheriff’s deputies arrested Womack, according to highway patrol.

But in this new civil rights case, attorneys say it was wrong for authorities to use potential deadly force while arresting Womack that night.

“The other officer is, like, in disbelief at what he just saw,” Zee Womack, Lionel’s wife, told FOX4. She referenced the expletive from the driver of the vehicle that captured the video.

“And that looks like the deputy intentionally swerved to hit him,” Zee Womack said.

“I try not to do the whole Monday morning quarterback. I wanted to see, is there something that this video shows that would justify deadly force from an officer standpoint? And I just didn’t see it,” Zee Womack said.

Zee Womack is an officer for the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department, and many of Lionel Womack’s relatives are also employed by the agency.

Lionel Womack was also formerly employed by KCKPD until recently. Michael Kuckelman, Womack’s attorney, said Womack recently started a new job in private security that requires him to commute between Kansas and California.

The KCK Police Department has not yet responded to FOX4’s questions about his employment record or the terms of his departure.

Kuckelman said his client still has hip and back problems. He also said that Womack went into fight-or-flight mode during the situation in the video.

“He should have not run into that field. I understand he was scared, but we don’t pursue someone and attempt to kill them for a minor traffic infraction. Even if they run. There’s no where he could’ve gone,” Kuckelman said.

“Obviously we’re pro-police. I think that’s what makes this the most difficult because you would never think that something like this would happen,” Zee Womack said.

Four months later, Lionel Womack remains jailed after being picked up by authorities out of Guymon, Oklahoma. His charge is endangering others while eluding police. Court records show he is also charged with several misdemeanor traffic citations.

FOX4 has received no other details on than that warrant. However, it was issued three days before Womack was run over.

We have not yet received a response from the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Department about this situation.

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