Kids at Children’s Mercy get the opportunity to treat “patients” of their own

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — March is Child Life Month and what better way to celebrate than with stuffed animals!

Life isn’t bad for Cassidy Bear. That’s because 12-year-old Cassidy Dalton is making sure her new friend is getting the best care at Children’s Mercy Teddy Bear Clinic. The clinic provides a chance for patients at Children’s Mercy to understand the tools used on them, by using it on their bears.

“It says that my bear is healthy and that I need to give it medicine,” said Dalton.

A doctor prescribed Cassidy Bear three doses of hugs a day. It’s a simple prescription, but it allows the patient to be a grown-up at least for a little while.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Children’s Mercy Child Life Program. The annual Teddy Bear Clinic is just another way to celebrate.

“The bear can go to surgery to get their broken arm fixed. There’s just a variety of symptoms. It’s up to what the doctor diagnoses them with,” said Trista Williams a certified child life specialist.

Taking care of Cassidy Bear was a good distraction for Dalton and for the almost 40 patients who arrived. Dalton just had knee surgery.

“It was crooked. I had to put a plate in it,” she said.

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