Killers walk when no one talks, but one woman challenges code of silence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the past two years the Kansas City Police Department has cleared about 50 percent of the homicide cases.

This year with 95 homicides to date, the investigators have their hands full.

But members of the victims advocacy group Mothers in Charge say clearing those cases would be a lot easier if people on the streets of Kansas City would speak up about what they see and what they know.

One murder in particular that Rosilyn Temple says should be cleared is that of 28-year-old Myeisha Turner and her 3-year-old Daughter Damiyah White.

The two were killed inside a home in August on 55th and Wabash.

A one-year-old boy was sparred but left alone with the bodies of his mother and sister for possibly days before being found.

Temple says there are dozens of people who know who killed Turner and her daughter. But fear of the murder keeps them from speaking up.

Temple would know the pain of the unspoken “no snitching” rule.

The murder of her son is still in solved two years after the fact.

Temple says Kansas City has got to turn the fear around because fear should come from the fact that he may still be walking the streets and could easily strike again.

Mothers in Charge is pleading for people to come forward in this case and the many others still left unsolved.



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