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RAYMORE, Mo. — Wednesday afternoon took a terrifying turn for some students on a school bus heading home from a Raymore elementary school, as they watched two kids pull knives out of their backpacks and threaten to stab two kindergarteners.

Their parents are fuming, claiming the school never notified them.

“There was a boy and he had a knife and he was trying to stab us,” said Christopher James.

Five-year-old Christopher James says he and another kindergartner were threatened with knives on the bus ride home Wednesday by a 2nd and 3rd grader who have been bullying him.

“He was gonna kill us,” James said.

“They pulled out the knives and said if you say one more thing I will stab you.”

Nicholas Wilder was sitting on the bus, terrified, trying his best to keep quiet.

“Whenever I seen it I just put my backpack in front of me, in case he was gonna try to attack me,” Wilder said.

Students say after a few minutes of knife waving, the bus driver intervened and took the knives. Parents say they didn’t hear about it, until their kids got home.

“The first thing that came to my mind was, I could’ve lost my son today,” parent Jennifer Russell said.

Creekmoor Elementary School parents got together and took matters into their own hands, filing a police report. They claim they were the first to contact police and have yet to hear anything from the district. An emotional evening, as parents worry their kindergarteners are scarred for life.

“He is gonna be able to see that in his mind for the rest of his life, someone tried to stab him,” Russell said.

While tears streamed down one parent’s face, she hopes the district steps in and parents take better care of their kids.

“Just love your kids more please. Because those boys did that are so mistreated, for them to even think of doing something like that to another child,” said Russell.

Belton and Raymore police are investigating. We are told Creekmoor’s principal is working into the night, speaking with the bus company about the incident. The district will be contacting parents soon.