Kitten claws its way to freedom with help of RideKC staff after getting trapped in van

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A RideKC driver picked up a furry passenger this week.

A kitten jumped off one truck and climbed into a para-transit van late Tuesday afternoon. A labor of love followed to help the kitty claw its way to freedom.

The RideKC Freedom driver was inside of his van when he saw that small kitten fall out of another vehicle and run underneath of his. Rather than keep on going, he decided that unexpected passenger might need some extra help.

The driver called a road supervisor for help. When they realized the kitten wasn’t near the engine, they decided to slowly drive it to the garage.

“A cat’s a life, too. We want to take care of everything,” said Kyle Snyder, Kansas City Transportation Group shop manager.

Once at the shop, the tiny kitten did creep under the hood. The team put out food and water, hoping to draw her out. By Wednesday morning, the goodies were gone, but the kitty still wasn’t caught.

Instead, she wound up scurrying to the back of the van.

“When we’d call it, it would meow back at us. It just was having no part of coming out,” Snyder said.

The team decided to move the RideKC Freedom van into a bigger garage bay to get a better look up on the lift.

“It took us probably 45 minutes to figure out where it ran to because there’s not a lot of area for it to hide back here,” Snyder said.

It turns out the seven-week baby Calico kitten was stuck above the gas tank. Snyder and his team carefully removed screws and the spare tire to lower the tank.

“She was probably definitely more scared than we were. I wouldn’t want to ride up there!” Snyder said.

The cautious kitten still wouldn’t come down on her own, so Snyder had to grab hold and rescue her.

“She bit me twice on the hands! Couple scratches. Nothing big,” he said.

But the little Calico is now safe in the care of KC Pet Project, which said curious kitties often get themselves stuck in cars during the winter.

“Often times they are seeking warmth and they’re going to find it wherever they can.  So the engines are a little warm and they jump up there,” said Tori Fugate with KC Pet Project.

The kitty now named “Bus Stop” is already in a foster home awaiting its “purrfect” family. It’s a good ending to what could’ve been a “cat-astrophe.”

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