KU student put on probation by sorority for ‘unbecoming’ right-wing social media posts


LAWRENCE, Kan. — A University of Kansas student has been placed on probation by the college’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for showing “unbecoming” values through her conservative social media posts and retweets, Fox News reported.

According to documents provided to Fox News by sophomore Katherine Lauer, she was sanctioned by her sorority for “argumentative communication (verbal or otherwise) with members as a result of your social media posts that disregards different opinions.”

As part of the terms of her probation outlined in a letter on Monday, Lauer was asked to take a “social media posting holiday” for a week to do a “personal reflection and cleanse” and to watch a video selected by the sorority’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. She was also instructed to have an “open dialogue” with Kappa Alpha Theta chief operating officer Allie Dew to get a “broader education of America today.”

Lauer was further told to monitor her individual social media posts between Oct. 19 and 26 to “assess their alignment with the Kappa Alpha Theta online social media contract” and to ask herself before posting if what she puts online would help or hurt her “personal brand,” Kappa Alpha Theta or women of another race. 

FOX4 attempted to contact the sorority’s headquarters, KU’s chapter and the The University of Kansas, but none of them were immediately able to respond. We will update this story as responses are made available.

Fox News also stated they attempted to contact the organizations, but they did not get an answer.

At issue is a social media post shared by Lauer from conservative pundit Candace Owens, who is African American, that claimed: “Black Lives Matter is an organization of white men, using the faces of dead Black people to raise millions of dollars toward electing White Democrats into positions of power.”

“It is the most flagrantly racist organization in America,” Owens added.

Lauer also included the caption from Owens above the original post which reads, “Billions raised and not a single dollar given to Black schools, Black scholarships, Black neighborhoods or Black initiatives. Not a single office location or a company organization chart to speak of.”

A review of other social media posts by Lauer focused on pro-life stances and comments made by former Vice President Joe Biden in which he incorrectly claimed that 200 million people died from the coronavirus pandemic, among other topics.

Lauer told Fox News that she believes she’s been unfairly targeted by other members of her sorority. She shared a series of text messages in which members accused her posts of being “hurtful” and told her that as a white woman it was “not her place to state who is racist and who is not,” referring to President Trump. 

She also shared an email exchange from the sorority notifying Lauer of her placement on discretionary probation. When Lauer asked what she did wrong, she received a reply stating the decision is “not claiming you have broken a bylaw or rule, but that you have had conduct unbecoming of a member of Theta as the values you have been making public through social media and text communications went against Theta’s values and disrespected women of our chapter.”

Lauer told FOX News that she attempted to appeal the probation in a meeting with the sorority’s advisory board on Oct. 18 but that the members would not overturn the decision.




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