Kylr Yust Trial: Ex-girlfriend plays FBI wiretapped conversation where Yust talks about Kara Kopetsky


HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — During day three of Kylr Yust’s double murder trial, the prosecution called Kaitlyn Ferris to the stand. She wore a wire tap for the Federal Bureau of Investigation while spending a day with Yust in 2011, audio from the wire was played in court on Wednesday.

Ferris met Yust in high school where they dated for about a year. In 2010, Ferris was approached by the FBI, two years after she said Yust admitted to being a part of Kara Kopetsky’s disappearance.

She said Yust told her that he was dating Kopetsky when she went missing and that the pair were in an argument. Ferris said Yust told her he grabbed Kopetsky by the hair, put her in the car and she was never seen again.

Ferris then told a mutual friend about what Yust had said, and that person contacted law enforcement. Police then asked Ferris to give a statement. Ferris and Yust were no longer together at this point.

Shortly after she was contacted by the FBI, they asked Ferris to wear a wire.

While she had moved to North Carolina, Ferris maintained contact with Yust and on one occasion asked him about his neck tattoo. He told her it was a raven with wings spread across his neck like fingers, symbolizing death.

Ferris was flown from North Carolina to Kansas City and said she was helping her mother with a dog show, an excuse to be back in town to see Yust. She wore a device inside her bra and on her keys, which were set up to record her meeting with Yust.

Ferris said she planned to use a Ouija board to communicate with Kopetsky and that they spent the day collecting supplies. Ferris picked up Yust, who was in a a bad mood, which is where the recording began playing in the courtroom.

She asked “why are you being poopy?” Yust wasn’t enthusiastic about the séance.

He said he was upset that Ferris left and was with another guy at the time, and began disparaging himself, calling himself an idiot.

“At least you’ve got to feel better about getting this off your chest?” Ferris said.

While difficult to hear, he corroborated that he did tell her something about Kopetsky, and the only reason he told her was because he was drunk. He tells her he can’t trust her, and she will leave and not stay in his life.

“I am nothing to you,” Yust said on the wire tap.

“I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life. I’ll never feel a warm body. No one wants to be with me. You’re the only girl who knows about the Kara thing and wants to be with me.”

“You’re never going to hold me. You’re never going to hold my hand. You’re never going to brush my hair behind my ears. I’ve met the dream girl of my life. I wish you could just feel it.”

“I will never be loved. I will never be loved. Never in my life will I be loved. I spend all my holidays alone. Every time I meet some one I’m not good enough for them.”

He continues and talks about wanting to take his own life and having killed someone in a frenzy of statements, and they move past it. He talks about how he has no future, and there’s nothing he can do to change it.

The recording device changed after they arrived at a restaurant. The audio was difficult to hear, but Yust was heard saying, “I strangled the f*** our of her.”

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt is in court and liveblogging constant updates. See more from the wiretapped conversation and all of the day’s proceedings in her blog.

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