Kylr Yust Trial Live Blog: Closing arguments after Yust takes stand


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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — The defense is nearing the end of their witness list on day nine of Kylr Yust’s double murder trial. On Wednesday, there are only four witnesses left to testify, and Judge William Collins has said he will roll right into closing statements.

It begs the question if Yust will decide to testify himself. Judge Collins spoke with Yust on Monday about his right to testify, but also to remain silent. If he does not testify, the jury will be instructed to not hold it against him.

Another witness the court may see on Wednesday is Joshua Meirer, a KCPD officer who independently investigated Yust despite being told by superiors not to. It’s unclear if the defense will call him to the stand, but he has been a topic of discussion throughout the trial.

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