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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — On Saturday, testimony for the state was complete. The jury heard from the mushroom hunter who found both Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions remains. They also heard from a number of crime scene, DNA, and analysts about the state the girls were in when they were found.

Through the day the defense peppered in information about Yust’s half-brother, Jessep Carter, and the idea he may be someone to look at instead of Yust. They asked investigators if Carter was looked at as a suspect and even brought up the topic of a gold station wagon. The defense claims this car may be connected to Carter all the way back in 2007, around the time of Kopetsky’s disappearance.

Evidence about Carter, an encoded note, and the gold station wagon are not approved to present to the jury at this time. Judge William Carter said on the first day of trial there would be a hearing related to this information and if it could be presented to the jury, but there is no word on when that hearing may be.

Monday, it is the defense’s turn to present their case, as they can, to the jury to claim Kylr Yust’s innocence.