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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — The second week of the Kylr Yust trial started Monday, after breaking for one day Sunday. On Saturday, the state rested its case, giving the defense a chance for the jury to hear testimony from the other side.

It’s still unclear how much the jury will get to hear.

Yust’s lawyers are standing firm. They say Yust is innocent. However, if he didn’t do it, then who did? The defense doesn’t definitively know, but believe it could be Yust’s half-brother, Jessep Carter.

During Saturday’s proceedings the defense peppered witnesses with questions that may lead the jury to think about the possibility. Yust’s lawyer, Molly Hastings, cross examined

“In addition to the tips that you received, which there were hundreds,” Hastings said.

“Yes, ma’am,” the witness said.

“You received several that Jessep Carter was a suspect,” Hastings said.

“Objection, judge? May we approach?” Tolle asked.

The defense is edging in ideas to the jury’s mind about an alternate suspect. However, Judge Collins hasn’t approved evidence to point in that direction.

“Jessep Carter is someone who you interviewed more than once, I believe,” Hastings said.

“Yes,” the witness said.

“And never at any point did you confront Jessep about his personal involvement in this case,” Hastings said.

On Saturday, the defense brought up a gold station wagon in front of the jury. It is a car they hope to link to Carter back in 2007, around the time of Kara Kopetsky’s disappearance.

“That had to do with a gold station wagon being seen in the area in 2007 where the bodies ended up being discovered. Are you familiar with that tip?” Hastings asked.

“No, I’m not,” the witness said.

“Are you familiar with — ,” Hastings said.

Lead prosecutor Jullie Tolle interrupts.

“Judge, I believe that the offer of proof has already proven that this detective is not familiar with this tip that came in, so there’s no need to even go to the second prong analysis of this questioning,” Tolle said.

The judge said before the trial began they intended to heave a hearing about this evidence to see if they would approve it. The hearing has not taken place, but much of Monday was dedicated to hearing testimony to approve it.

The defense presented employees who worked at the Jackson County Jail at the time Jessep Carter took his own life. The judge did not approve these witnesses, and the jury will not hear them.

The judge also heard from an alleged victim of Anthony Armstrong, Jessep Carter’s cousin, but he struggled to see why it would be relevant for the jury to hear her testimony.

Tuesday, a code expert will come before Judge Collins to see if the information on a note Jessep Carter left in his cell will be admitted to evidence. The defense claims the expert will testify the note could say, ‘I killed 11 girls.’

In the video below, metro attorneys Melinda Clark-Sann and Phil LeVota join FOX4’s John Holt to analyze the latest developments in the Yust trial.