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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Attorneys for convicted murderer Kylr Yust have filed a motion in Cass County court for a new trial.

Just last month, a St. Charles County jury found Yust guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of Kara Kopetsky and second-degree murder in the death of Jessica Runions.

Seventeen-year-old Kopetsky disappeared after leaving Belton High School in 2007. Yust was suspected but not initially charged.

Then 21-year-old Runions disappeared in 2016, last seen leaving a house party. Runions’ car was found burned the next day. Yust was arrested and charged with burning the car, but that charge was dropped when murder charges were filed.

After years of searching for Kopetsky and months of searching for Runions, the women’s remains were discovered in spring 2017 in rural Cass County.

Yust was charged with murder shortly after the bodies were discovered and pleaded not guilty. It took four years for those charges to come to trial.

The day after the jury found him guilty, that same guilty recommended he serve life in prison for Runions’ killing and 15 years for Kopetsky’s death. The formal sentencing will take place on June 7.

For Kopetsky’s mother Rhonda Beckford, the conviction was too weak. After looking for her daughter for 10 years and waiting another four for a conviction, she said the charges were not enough.

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