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LOS ANGELES — If you own a blue pickup truck in Los Angeles, you did not want to be driving it on Thursday.

Police said Christopher Dorner shot at officers from his pickup, killing one. With officers on edge, they ended up opening fire on the wrong blue pickup truck, hurting two women not involved in this case.

They eventually found Dorner’s pickup in the mountains near Bear Lake, torched. And they are now going door-to-door in that area looking for him, though they believe he could be anywhere.

The entire Los Angeles Police Department is on high alert after discovering an online manifesto from the former police officer with military experience. He wrote that he was bringing, “warfare” to the police force, and he named several officers he is targeting, whom he blames for his firing back in 2008.

Police said he’s killed three people, including the daughter of a retired Los Angeles Police Department captain involved in the review process that led to Dorner losing his job.

“He essentially communicated his sense that the people with whom he had a grievance were fair game, so were their families,” said Chief Sergio Diaz, Riverside Police Department. “And so were any other police officers on or off  duty.”

Currently LAPD officers are guarding 40 potential targets. They’ve searched a house Dorner owns near Las Vegas. And they believe he may have tried to steal a boat to go to Mexico.

Southern California is on end, but police said Dorner could be anywhere as the search continues.