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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Labor Day weekend gas prices are the highest price ever recorded during a Labor Day weekend according to  The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline hit $3.80 on Monday.  That’s up 14 cents from the Labor Day holiday in 2011.

In Kansas City, drivers are fairing a little better paying about $3.65 a gallon.  Travelers making their way through Kansas City on Monday said the prices aren’t stopping them from hitting the open road.  AAA projected more than 28 million Americans would take to the road over the Holiday Weekend.  That’s 500,000 more than last year.  Travelers like Silver Franklin and his wife who spent Monday driving from St. Louis to Kansas City just to chow down on BBQ.

“Why should it stop you.  We live in the greatest country in the world,” said Franklin.

Franklin isn’t alone either.  Jim Baker and his family just returned from a cross county bike trip that cost about 200 dollars more than they planned.

“While we were gone it went up 25 cents a gallon,” said Baker.

Baker says it’s just the cost of living life.

“It’s worth the memories and to be with family,” Baker said.

On average, gas prices grew by nearly 31 cents a gallon in August, thanks in part to Hurricane Issac, AAA said in a report, according to Reuters.   Yet, even year-long travelers like Glen Odom remain undeterred.

“When we’re on the road we’re towing a car and we run the generator so gas mileage is not a consideration, we just take it as easy as we can,” said Odom.

While some say it’s the sign of a strengthening economy, others say Americans have just gotten used to dumping big money at the pump.

“You can’t complain about it, you gotta have it,” said Franklin.

In Missouri, the average price of a gallon of regular gas is $3.67 according to, Kansas is a little higher at $3.72.  Both of those numbers are in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the country.  But relief should come soon.