Lakefront homes in New York turned into ‘housecicles’ during strong, freezing winds


HAMBURG, N.Y. — A frozen phenomenon is dazzling both locals and visitors alike.

Take a look at these ice-covered houses viewers have spotted at Hoover Beach. The pictures show homes that look like they’re from a fairy tale, with wind-whipped icicles hanging off like gelled hair.

The strong winds felt across western New York on Thursday resulted in the waters of Lake Erie blowing ashore, encasing parts of the land in ice.

It’s not the first time this town has experienced wild ice results. In 2016, a car near the lakefront got transformed into what was soon called, a “carcicle.” Another time, the lake’s waves froze, creating a wall of ice along the beachfront.

This house is one of the more noticeable examples of what could be called, a “housecicle.”

Ice house picture courtesy of Lise via WIVB
Picture courtesy of Lise via WIVB

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