Lakeside Speedway to postpone race season due to flooding

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WOLCOTT, Kan. — Flooding has once again reached Wyandotte County’s Lakeside Speedway.

The speedway announced Saturday that a levee located north of the track gave way and caused a big burst of water to thrust across the pit corner of the property.

The first race was scheduled to take place Friday, April 19.

The speedway also flooded back in 2013, 2011 and 1993.

But race fans will not need to worry, the speedway said once the water goes down “the dirt will fly and the 65th season of Lakeside will begin!”

Justin Lawson, vice president of CARB, sent FOX4 the following footage at and around the speedway Saturday. Lawson said at one point water was rising about 1 foot per hour for four hours.


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