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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — If you want fresh donuts from LaMar’s in Overland Park, you’re going to have to go somewhere else.

“I pulled up here and the door was closed and there’s a notice on the door,” Victor Liu said.

Liu and others were stunned when they showed up to the restaurant to see a sign saying that the donut shop’s employees quit.

The employees claimed that they were under appreciated, underpaid and overworked.

Lindsay Dube, a now former employee of the store, claims employees were fed up with the shop’s leadership.

“It started when our general manager had quit the other day,” Dube said.

While Dube says the general manager’s departure was the final straw, she also claims that the store has unsanitary, even dangerous conditions.

“There is mold all in the back. Our sinks and drainage don’t work properly,” Dube said.

Plus, she claims the employees were not getting accurate tip money.

“There was stuff going on with the petty cash because nothing was getting documented. It was disappearing,” Dube said.

FOX4 contacted LaMar’s Donuts corporate office out of Colorado, leaving a voicemail asking if they were aware of the employees walking out, as well as the allegations of mismanaging money and health quality concerns.

LaMar’s did not return the call.

While Dube said she felt sorry for the fans of the donut shop, she said employees felt like walking out might spark some change.

“Please treat your employees right and pay them for what they deserve,” Dube said.