KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One day after the conviction of former KCPD detective Eric DeValkenaere was upheld, Cameron Lamb’s mother delivered a short, but strong response.

“Jail is where he should remain,” Laurie Bey, Cameron Lamb’s mom, said.  

Their plea now to Missouri Gov. Mike Parson: Do not pardon the ex-detective. This comes on the heels of new reporting by FOX4’s Malik Jackson on a push by the Fraternal Order of Police to get a pardon for DeValkenaere.

An attorney for DeValkenaere filed paperwork early Wednesday to free him on a reinstated appeal bond.

Lamb’s family rejoiced Tuesday but realize their fight for justice is not over.

“Governor Parson – Cameron Lamb was my one and only son. He was a son that was loved by all that knew him. He was a great father to three young sons,” Laurie Bey said.

“We hope they take into consideration who Cameron Lamb was,” Aquil Bey, Lamb’s dad, said.

Pleading with Missouri’s governor not to use his pardon power, the calls rang out at a Wednesday morning news conference where several county leaders voiced their opposition to even the thought of clemency.

All of this happened as multiple sources confirmed with FOX4 that the FOP is asking its members to call the governor’s office and demand he use the power of the pardon to free DeValkenaere.  

FOX4 learned from the governor’s office that the former detective has not yet filed the paperwork to get pardoned. The office did say it’s received numerous calls requesting the governor’s pardon power.

But before that process could even start DeValkenare’s lawyers filed the motion for a reinstated appeal bond, which states Missouri’s assistant attorney general is not objecting. 

This means an appeals court could grant the motion, and DeValkenaere would be released pending his next appeal.

“I can’t get bogged down destroying myself on some junk that they’re doing. They have been doing this since December the 3rd, 2019,” Aquil Bey said.  

Since the motion for the appeal bond has been filed, the appeals court will wait up to five days for an official response from the attorney general’s office before ruling. 

But after that point, or if they get a response before those five days, they can make the decision at any time. This is all taking place as the Lamb family makes sure people don’t forget what was taken from them.

“Imagine being at this day and time, and you have three young boys that need their father, and that was taken away from them for no reason at all,” Laurie Bey said.

“This is not about supporting the police or not supporting the police. There was a trial then a conviction, and now and when the appeal process is done, we’ll see where we are,” Jackson County Executive Frank White said.

FOX4 reached out to DeValkenaere’s legal team, as well as to the FOP multiple times over the last two days by phone, email, and making an in-person visit to the FOP’s offices. We have yet to receive a response to any of our questions.