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LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Survivors work through grief one year after one of the deadliest rampages in United States history.

A private reunion of those who attended the Route 91 concert last year was held Saturday at Centennial Hills Park.

The reunion was open to those who attended the concert, first responders, and families of the 58 victims.

“This is a day to reunite as a family,” said one of the reunion organizers, Shawna Bartlett, vice president of the non-profit Love Wins. “We wanted to come back together and enjoy what we love: country music, dancing and, most importantly, each other.”

More than 3,500 attended the event with 3,200 survivors in attendance.

Ticket sales were donated to families of the 58 victims or designated charities of their choice.

The event had musical performances, food vendors, counselors, and those with therapy dogs.

Survivors said the reunion helped them with the healing process. “It brings us together. It makes us feel like we’re not alone going through the PTSD and everything we’re dealing with,” says Breanna Rossol.