Las Vegas waiter receives $2,000 tip on Memorial Day

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LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas waiter received a big surprise while working on Memorial Day, KVVU reported.

Armando Garcia has been a waiter for over a decade at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe in Las Vegas. Garcia was working on Monday and was helping two men, who he said he has seen in the store before.

When the pair left the store, Garcia realized they left a larger than normal tip. On a $64 bill was a $2,000 tip.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Garcia said. He wondered if the men had made a mistake, but then saw the note at the bottom of the receipt. It read, “Stay safe, thank you for your great service. Hope this helps. Love, the Lopez Brothers.”

“It’s been tough for everyone, for me.” Garcia said. “It’s been a relief, I’m just thankful for it.”

When employees looked up the Lopez Brothers online, they found a popular TikTok account with millions of subscribers. It’s unclear if the brothers are the same ones who left the tip.

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