Last-minute shoppers flock to stores night before Thanksgiving for turkeys

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The last minute rush of Thanksgiving shopping is in full swing. If you still need to run to the store, pack your patience, it’s busy out there.

Inside McGonigle’s Market, lines from back to front, it’s organized chaos, all the way to the counter where the meat is cut.

“It’s a very busy day. We’ve had a lot of people through the store today and working hard to take care of everybody,” Mike McGonigle said.

Customers came ready and for days have been prepping to welcome friends and family for turkey and some dressing.

The store works hard to keep plenty of turkeys in stock. There are fresh ones and smoked ones, even pre-cooked. Lots of choices to feed your flock.

“I usually get fresh turkeys here every year,” said customer Melanie McColligan. “I didn’t want to, feel like cooking the actual turkey this year. So I got the smoked and I’m so excited.”

Plenty of pies and sides fill up carts too. This small business, grateful for patient customers carrying them through.

“We like to take care of customers in a timely fashion but our customers are so patient and so nice and they understand,” McGonigle said. “Even when we get really long lines it’s a very good system and we get people through here pretty quickly.”

And as the big shopping day winds down and cooking time draws near. Many finding plenty to say “thanks” for this year.

“Usually the line is out the door so I feel like I got rockstar parking, got in and out within 10 minutes,” McColligan said.




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