LAWRENCE, Kan. — Lawrence, Kansas, and Douglas County are currently in the 2nd Congressional District, covering all of eastern Kansas outside the Kansas City metro. But under a new proposed map, that would no longer be the case.

“We’ve always known that we’re a target,” Democratic State Rep. Barbara Ballard of Lawrence said Wednesday of her minority party.

Ballard said she’s upset with a map called “Ad Astra” being proposed both in her chamber and the state senate. That map would take Lawrence out of the 2nd Congressional District and put it in “The Big First,” which covers all of western Kansas.

The rest of Douglas County, though, would stay in the 2nd Congressional District under this proposal.

“There has to be a political purpose as to why we’re only taking the city of Lawrence,” she continued.

Republican State Rep. Christ Croft of Overland Park proposed that Ad Astra map Tuesday. He said one of the things that came out of the discussions with Kansans from across the state last year was splitting up Douglas County like they did.

“All these other legislators went to various meetings talking to folks,” Croft said Tuesday. “Just because there were the official ones that we did, there were still Chambers of Commerce that had meetings, so a lot of us were involved in all kinds of meetings this fall, not just the public ones that you had the records of that you saw us in that thing.”

The Kansas House and Senate redistricting committees both meet Thursday to discuss the maps further.