Lawrence man charged with rape, arrested on KU campus

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LAWRENCE, Mo. — A 19-year-old Lawrence man has been charged in Johnson County with rape. Terrance Redmond, who lives on the University of Kansas campus, is accused of forcing himself upon a woman he had previously dated even though she says she told him ‘no.’

The incident for which he’s accused occurred in March at his Johnson County residence,  while the two were watching videos on the couch.

According to the affidavit, the woman said he held her down with the weight of his body and kissed her so forcefully she had trouble breathing. She said her phone started to ring and she told Redmond it was her father and she needed to answer it.

After she left the apartment, she says they exchanged text messages about the alleged assault.

She provided police the following exchange that she said was a text conversation with Redmond:

Redmond (according to police): 

That was actually an accident. 


It hurt me and when I moved and screeched in pain you tried to do it again why

Redmond (according to police):

I wasn’t thinking straight. I f**ked up big time I know


Couldn’t you see the fear and pain in my eyes

Redmond (according to police):

Again my mind was clouded and I didn’t fully realize until after. The real me wouldn’t try to harm you like that

Police say Redmond admitted to them that he and the woman had not been intimate when they dated. He denied raping her.

Bond was set at $100,000.



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