LAWRENCE, Kan. — On Wednesday, police identified the two people killed in a double shooting outside a Lawrence grocery store Tuesday night.

Investigators said the shooting was the end of a 4-mile-long road rage incident that started on the east side of town near 23rd and Harper Street and crossed through the city.

“There’s a verbal confrontation that takes place there,” Lawrence Police Chief Rich Lockhart said.

Lawrence police described it as a “Wild West-style” shootout: the two men killing each other in a Hy-Vee parking lot off Clinton Parkway.

The victims are 53-year-old Monty Ray Amick and 22-year-old Zachary Michael Sutton. Both men were from Lawrence.

Police said Amick was in an SUV, and Sutton and another man were in a truck. Police said the two men were arguing over how loud the pipes were on one of the vehicles.

“Apparently the pipes on the truck were too loud, and the driver of the other car made a disparaging remark about how loud the truck was in relation to a characteristic of the driver. And it just kind of escalated from there. It went on for several blocks,” Lockhart said.

That argument ended with violence when both pulled out handguns — their vehicles barely in park at the grocery store. Both the 22-year-old and 53-year-old died.

“We rarely have two homicides back-to-back like this. We only usually have four or five a year,” Lockhart said.

A Lawrence woman was also found dead Monday in her apartment complex along West 6th Street. Regan Gibbs-Marek was a soccer goalie for KU who last played in 2019.

Her husband is charged in her death. He allegedly told police God told him to kill her.

“It’s just ridiculous. It’s just not something that we should see happening,” Lockhart said.

Officers questioned four people about the shooting, but they have since been released from custody.

Police ask anyone who witnessed any of the events leading up to the shooting, or the actual shooting, to contact the Lawrence Police Department at 785-830-7430.