Lawrence police respond to ‘road rage in progress’ and Twitter hilarity ensues

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — Lawrence police have had it with “Chad” and “Karen” and the so-called road-rage standoff they got in Wednesday night.

And so, like the social media savvy department often does, they decided to tweet about it. In a Thursday Twitter thread that has since been retweeted thousands of times, Lawrence PD explained their frustration.

And rest assured, plenty of quality gifs were included.

“So two officers get sent to a ‘road rage in progress’ last night,” the department said. “Two unfortunate souls are dispatched to handle it. Keep in mind this is time they will never get back.”

OK, that started out simple enough. Go on:

“Upon arrival, the first officer finds two cars in a parking lot, we’ll call the drivers Karen and Chad,” LPD tweeted. “The cars are facing each other in close proximity. So Karen wants out of the parking lot, Chad wants in. BOTH OF THEM AR REFUSING TO GET OUT OF THE OTHER ONES WAY.”

This was a full-on standoff.

“Literally all they have to do is back up. Nay, all ONE OF THEM has to do is back up and the other one can go,” Lawrence PD said in the Twitter thread. “By the time we arrive, the great parking lot standoff of 2019 has been going on at least 20 minutes.”

That’s a long time, and in our estimation “Karen” and “Chad” are fighting for the title of “world’s most stubborn driver.”

“So Chad says, ‘I got nowhere to go, I can just stay here all night.’ But why, Chad? Why don’t you just move? Apparently because this is a principle issue, and because 2019,” the department tweeted.

Chad was clearly not giving up, and neither was Karen.

“Ok, let’s try Karen. Maybe Karen can be reasonable. Karen, could you please just back up so Chad can go? ‘Nope, I’m not moving. He can move,'” Lawrence PD said.

Karen cited her minivan as the reason for the standoff.

“Karen claims she can’t back up because her vehicle is too large and she will literally crash it,” LPD said. “Karen is driving a *mini*van. Mini is emphasized because the van is not particularly large and if Karen can’t back it up, maybe Karen should refrain from driving.”

Eventually, a sergeant showed up to try and resolve the situation.

“Ok, listen Chad, this is really a massive waste of our time. Can you just move? ‘Nope, I didn’t call you guys, she did. I’ll sit here all night if I have to,'” the agency said on Twitter.

But the attempt at a compromise was in vain.

“Karen, sooo how’s about you move your car now and we can move on with our night? ‘WHY WONT YOU JUST MAKE HIM MOVE UGH THE POLICE SUCK,'” the thread continued.

With neither side willing to budge, police decided to call it a night.

“First of all, KAREN, we don’t have the legal authority to make either one of you move, this is private property. Second of all, grow up. Third of all, we’re leaving. Have a good night,” Lawrence police said.

And so concludes the great minivan standoff of 2019 — maybe.

“As far as we know, Chad and Karen are still sitting there. And so concludes the story of the most ridiculous call of 2019 (so far). Fin.”

Bravo, Lawrence PD!

The department is well-known for their hilarious Twitter account. Lawrence police even won an award at the Government Social Media Conference earlier this year for “Best Use of Humor in a Government Social Media Account.”

Meet the man behind the account here.

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