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LAWRENCE, Kan. — The family of a Lawrence teenager is mourning his death.

Family members identified 14-year-old Kamarjay Shaw who died Saturday after a shooting near a Lawrence apartment complex.

“I can’t even stop and give you the word for that —  I don’t have the word for that how it feels that your 14-year-old child that you raised from day one is gone man” LaTouche Shaw, Kamarjay’s father, said.

A bright kid, at just 14 years of age Karmajay’s dad says he’s someone others enjoyed being around. A kid who loved many things — including his favorite thing — the game of football.

“That’s his last  football – that’s him he’s a receiver – he played all the positions. He played defense, offense – every position they had” Shaw said.

Shaw’s father said he attended Lawrence High School and played football there.

“He was just so charismatic man I’m talking about his charismatic everybody loved him, I’m talking about if you go anywhere in this town they “Kamarjay, Kamarjay” everybody know Kamarjay” his dad said.  

Lawrence police responded to a shooting around 5 p.m. Saturday near East 13th Street and Maple Lane.

“It’s just tragic he was a 14-year-old kid and I walked into that hospital and I seen my son on the gurney man…you know” Shaw said.

Investigators said they believe Shaw and the accused 17-year-old shooter knew each other.

A 12 plus hour manhunt ensued for a 17-year-old suspect. Police said the suspect eventually turned himself in. 

The Lawrence police department says they have evidence to believe he is the shooter and that they are reviewing video, including ring door video footage from the incident.  

They say at this time there are varying accounts of what happened.

“The universe – for everything you do in the world the universe gives you in return. Everybody pays – we pay for everything we do.” Shaw said.

A GoFundMe account to help the Shaw family with expenses is available.