Lawrence schools remain open despite below freezing temperatures

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LAWRENCE, Kan. —  With nearly 200 schools closed due to the below freezing temperatures, it was business as usual at the Lawrence School District on Monday. Some parents were concerned that their children were expected to brave the slick streets and freezing temperatures getting to school.

The Leibold’s disagree about the decision to remain open in this weather. They have three children in the district. One in the elementary school who walks to school and two in high school who drive.

“So I do have them on the roads and that does make me nervous but I think the school is out for their best interest by getting them educated,” said mother of three, Mandy Leibold.

Leibold’s husband, Terry Leibold, worries that the school district is more interested in not going over the maximum number of school days rather than the safety of the students.

“I think the first time they cancelled this year was because it was too cold and I certainly think it is too cold now. It`s at least as cold or colder than it was the first time.”

Lawrence School District officials said they were too busy Monday to answer questions about this subject. They did not offer a reason as to why they made the decision to have the schools in their district remain open.

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