LAWRENCE, Kan. — The City of Lawrence, Kansas continues to work on options to help those homelessness in the community.

On Wednesday, the city said it is preparing to create a pallet shelter village, which will serve as an emergency shelter option for those currently experiencing homelessness.

The idea is to build dozens of shelter homes out of pallets to provide a transition to permanent housing.

The modular homes include heating and cooling. They are set up to include restrooms, laundry, shower and gathering space for a group of people to use.

“One of the essential safety features of a pallet shelter is the locking door, which helps keep spaces private and personal belongings safe,” the city said Wednesday. “The villages can also include security features such as infrastructure with exterior fencing, a locked and monitored point of entry, and adequate lighting.”

The city hopes pallet homes will not need to be used forever.

Leaders say it is a step toward affordable housing for many people who rely on camping or emergency shelter.

The city hopes to have the pallet village up and running by June.