LAWRENCE, Kan. — The city of Lawrence follows Kansas City’s lead and makes the city’s transit system free for 2023. The program begins Jan. 2.

Lawrence Transit says it’s part of a pilot program and includes fixed route, T Lift, Night Line, and Sunday microtransit.

The Fare Free Pilot Program is made possible through an increase in federal funding. The program will be re-evaluated in Fall 2023 to determine the feasibility of extending the pilot.

The city says transit ridership is still low following the pandemic. It hopes that by waving fares, the number of people utilizing the service will increase. The city also says free fare will provide low-income people and families with more money to spend on other things in the community.

Lawrence Travel offers free travel training on how to use the city’s transit system.

Additional information about the transit system, along with routes and real-time data is available online at