Lawrence Woman Shops After a Year of Giving it Up

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LAWRENCE, Kan. - A woman said her resolution for 2011 was not to spend a dime on clothing.

A single closet was all Shari Quick had to work with last year.  She said it was so full, she didn't have any more room for hangers.

"I was thinking that I had a problem, that I needed to scale back reassess my spending," said Shari Quick.

She did and found she spent thousands of dollars in 2010 on clothes alone. So, her new year's resolution for 2011 was to stop buying clothes.

"Most of my friends thought I would make it until the spring line came out," Quick said.

Quick not only made it through the spring line, but into a new year.

"I didn't have that need or urge everytime I walked into a store to purchase something, so it got a lot easier as the year went on," she said.

Quick said she saved a lot of money.  As a reward, it was time to update her wardrobe, so on New Years Day Quick paid a visit to Spirit Girl Boutique.

Quick came home with a few items.  Her grand total was $300, under her budget of $500.

The entire year has given Quick a new outlook on the meaning of what's in style.

"Faith, family, friends has kind of been my motto for this year. That's what makes me happy, that's what fulfills me, not going out and spending money and buying things for myself," she said.

Quick heads into 2012 with a new perspective, a few new carefully picked pieces of clothing and a new resolution to ramp up the exercise program.



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