LAWSON, Mo. — The Lawson, Missouri community is remembering a 17-year-old boy who was killed in a car crash one week ago.

Carson Robinette was driving with a 15-year-old boy who was life flighted to the hospital in serious condition.

It’s Homecoming Week for the Lawson Cardinals, and on Friday afternoon, the town gathered for a parade.

“We’ve had people showing up to our door with breakfast and with cards, and it’s just very humbling,” Carson’s mom Amanda said in an interview with FOX4 Friday.

Amanda says the school district asked if both she, her husband Keith, and their five children would be a part of the town’s homecoming parade.

“It’s been a week today, so it’s really hard,” Amanda continued. “It just so happens that the parade lands on the one-week death of Carson and the accident with Lennon.”

After FOX4’s interview with the Robinettes, the entire family went down to get ready for the parade.

“Lawson’s a unique place. We wrap our arms around everybody,” Superintendent Michael Stephenson said in an interview with FOX4 Friday.

The Robinette family had just moved to the city in July, so Carson had only been in the district a month. Still, his family, new to the district, was given a spot in the parade.

“Really it was never a question of if they were or weren’t,” Stephenson responded when asked what the thought process was for allowing his family to be in the parade. “We have over 40 entries in our parade today. We invite all of our community, all of our kids. It was appropriate in the fact that they are a community member as well, and we just wanted them to have the opportunity to express themselves, how they feel like they need to do that in order to grieve, and to share, and to tell a story, and to hopefully help other kids.”

The parade started at 2 p.m. Friday. During it, Carson’s five brothers and sisters rode in the bed of the truck he always worked on. It’s the same truck dozens of students from Lawson and other schools in Clay County have signed over the past week.

“The community here, you can’t surpass it,” Keith said. “The outreach of them has been amazing, wonderful, loving. Like they don’t know us, but they know we’re a part of the community, and that’s what I believe is the most humble part about the whole situation.”

If you’d like to help out with funeral expenses for the Robinette family, click here.