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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A settlement reached between the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and Worlds of Fun is expected to benefit the Shoal Creek Watershed and the Missouri River.

In November 2015 MCE filed a lawsuit that alleged Worlds of Fun had repeatedly violated the Clean Water Act by discharging illegal levels of pollutants into the Missouri River and its tributary, Shoal Creek. MCE says the pollutants included chlorine, copper, oil and grease, and total suspended solids.

The court-approved settlement requires Worlds of Fun to develop a Facility Compliance Plan that meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act. The plan must be developed by a professional engineer and include “green infrastructure” and an educational kiosk explaining how stormwater pollution threatens water resources.

“We are pleased that Worlds of Fun will reduce its pollution to the Shoal Creek watershed and the Missouri River and that the various projects planned under the settlement will help improve water quality in the area,” said Alicia Lloyd, Clean Water Policy Coordinator for MCE.

The settlement also requires Worlds of Fun to spend $100,000 on supplemental environmental projects in the Shoal Creek watershed. Part of the funds will be used to create a Shoal Creek Stream Team to monitor water quality and conduct river cleanups. Other portions of the fund will be used by the Bridging the Gap, Inc. to implement on-the-ground restoration projects to improve water quality.

“Worlds of Fun has been part of the Kansas City community for more than four decades,” a spokesperson for the amusement park said. ” We strive to be an environmentally responsible neighbor and are taking proper steps to comply with the Clean Water Act.  Worlds of Fun welcomes the opportunity to work with environmental organizations to continue improving the quality of the Shoal Creek watershed and Missouri River.”