Lawyer for Greitens’ campaign says ex-aide took charity donor list

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A campaign attorney for Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is suggesting a former aide took a donor list of a veterans’ charity and shared it with a political group opposing Greitens.

The allegation made Thursday by attorney Catherine Hanaway seeks to turn around allegations that Greitens used a donor list of The Mission Continues for his 2016 campaign without the permission of the charity he founded.

Hanaway released a December 2015 email from a Greitens’ campaign staffer confirming that she used the charity donor list for political fundraising. But the email also surmises that former campaign manager Danny Laub took the charity donor list and shared it with a group called Patriots for America that opposed Greitens’ candidacy.

Hanaway released the following statement Thursday:

“One of the allegations against the Governor is the improper use of a list of donors from the organization he founded, The Mission Continues.

“Those allegations are unfounded. Representatives for the Governor have asked the Special Committee investigating the Governor for the chance to cross-examine the witnesses making these allegations. So far, they haven’t been granted that ability.

“They ought to, because, based on our research, it turns out that one of those witnesses actually did steal this list and use it improperly—in support of one of the Governor’s political rivals. That’s right: a political organization called Patriots for America improperly used The Mission Continues donor list.

“During the 2016 Missouri Governor’s race, Patriots for America emailed anti-Greitens attacks to the “$1k and above” donors to The Mission Continues. Patriots for America was a political organization affiliated with and supporting John Brunner. An email sent by Patriots for America attacking the Governor was received by a personal friend of the Governor’s—and TMC donor—who did not reside in Missouri, was not a Republican, was not a campaign donor, and was not even on the Greitens for Missouri email. The only list with his email was the The Mission Continues list.

“Campaign staffers at the time had strong reason to believe the source of the list was the former campaign manager for Greitens for Missouri, Danny Laub, a disgruntled former employee who, they believe, took the list with him and gave it to Patriots for America. While Eric Greitens built this list from his contacts and personal relationships cultivated over a lifetime, Patriots for America had no claim to that list.

“The emails documenting their suspicions are attached. They were discovered during our review of tens of thousands of documents to respond to the Special House Committee and are among the documents being produced to the House. We hope the Special Investigative Committee looks into Patriots for America and Danny Laub and we hope they give the Governor and his team the chance to cross-examine witnesses in this matter and subpoena other relevant records.”

An attorney released the following statement on behalf of Laub:

“Danny Laub did not send any list of The Mission Continues, or anything else, to Patriots for America.

“After he left the Greitens campaign in the Fall of 2015, Danny in all respects abided by nondisclosure agreements he had with Mr. Greitens and his organizations.

“Danny has previously testified at great length and under oath about these matters. He truthfully and completely answered the questions asked of him. He has no interest in the outcome of the various investigations and inquiries now going on. We do note, for what it’s worth, that after he left the campaign Danny remained a supporter of Mr. Greitens in his efforts to be elected governor of Missouri.

“Danny, and his attorneys, are offended at the baseless allegations made against him today.”

Additionally, Missouri lawmakers have gone to court to try to force Greitens’ political committees to comply with subpoenas seeking documents as part of an investigation into him.

The court filing Thursday by a special House investigatory committee targets Greitens’ gubernatorial campaign committee and an organization called A New Missouri that accepts secret donations to promote Greitens’ agenda.

Court documents say the House panel is trying to determine whether Greitens has used the committees “to circumvent Missouri’s campaign finance disclosure laws.”

Greitens faces a criminal charge of tampering with computer data for allegedly disclosing the donor list of The Mission Continues to his political fundraiser in 2015 without the permission of the St. Louis-based veterans’ charity he founded. No trial date has been set for that case.

The House committee’s report, released earlier this month, says Greitens’ campaign lied about how it got the charity donor list.

Attorney Catherine Hanaway, who represents both committees, has said the subpoenas seeking information about A New Missouri are outside the scope of the House investigation and the allegations about Greitens’ improper use of a donor list are unfounded.

The court battle comes as the Legislature is to convene Friday in a special session to consider whether to try to impeach Greitens.

Prosecutors dropped the invasion of privacy charge against Greitens on Monday.

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