Leaders kick off first Missouri mega vaccination event at Arrowhead in Kansas City


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — State and local leaders kicked off the first Missouri mega vaccination event at Arrowhead Stadium today. Organizers are poised to distribute thousands shots this weekend alone.

Initial estimates stated at least 6,000 people could get vaccinated through this event. Now, Parson said that number could be more like 8,000.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson said the event is focusing on the most vulnerable people in the city.

“Not too long ago, I met with the legislators behind me,” Parson said. “We may differ sometimes in the political arena, but I’ll tell you, getting people here to get the vaccine, trying to help people every day, that’s what it’s all about, being a public servant, and I want to thank all of them for their work, their effort and making these two days possible here in Kansas City.”

The governor claimed this was part of the plan all along. His administration has been criticized for inefficient vaccine distribution as some shots have reportedly gone to waste at mass sites in rural areas.

“When it comes to St. Louis and Kansas City, it is going to be a longer process simply because the populations are so large,” Parson said.

He said the state can now more effectively vaccinate the most populated parts of the state because there is more supply. Now that they can move more shots at once, they can open mega clinics like this.

County Executive Frank White Jr. urged local residents to get vaccinated. He said his own experience was “painless. It was very easy.”

“The science tells us that not getting the vaccine is riskier than getting the vaccine.”

White lauded the efforts today. He said another 2,000 shots would be administered in another clinic at The Pavilion at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit, making this at least a 10,000-shot weekend for the county.

“When this event is over, we will have protected thousands of men and women from this virus that has claimed more than 500,000 lives throughout the country, many of them right here at home,” he said. “We cannot let our guard down, not when we are so close.”

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