KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is asking for the community’s help in solving a 2020 homicide case it fears will go cold.

Officers say Enice Fuel, 29, was shot and killed in his vehicle in December 2020 at N. 11th Street and Orville Avenue in KCK.

More than two years later, police say all their leads have dried up.

“My daughter asks, ‘Where’s uncle Enice?’ My son not wanting to even speak about it, it’s tough,” Enice Fuel’s brother, David Fuel Jr. said.

Enice Fuel was killed 12 days before his 30th birthday.

“[I miss him] very much,” Fuel’s mother, Vernotia Guyton said. “Very, very much.”

Tuesday, KCKPD made a plea to the community for help.

“With all homicides there’s at least one person out there that has the information that we’re looking for,” said Detective James Gunzenhauser. “We just need at least one person to come forward and point us back in the direction with the information we need.”

Police released a flyer with Fuel’s photos and his vehicle, a 2011 blue Dodge Journey, hoping it jogs a memory or brings someone new forward.

“Put yourself where a mother feels,” Guyton said. “Put your heart where my heart is, feel my heart, because it aches.”

KCKPD’s Cold Case Unit just began last January. It is looking at 285 cases spanning five decades.
The department solved 75% of its homicides last year.

Fuel’s family hopes someone has information, so their case is next.

“Whoever did it, you know you know and it’s OK,” Guyton said. “You [must] tell. You [must] own it.”