LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — A Leavenworth man who used a counterfeit $100 bill to buy a Little Caesars order worth about $15 was only beginning a crime spree that spanned three years and led to convictions where he’ll spend 5+ years in prison, and must pay close to $21,000 in restitution.

The Leavenworth County District Attorney’s Office says Shawn M. Logan, 44, received 65 months in the Kansas Department of Corrections for 16 criminal charges, all beginning with a June 2020 visit to a Little Caesars.

The DA’s office says that day, Logan bought chicken wings, breadsticks, and a drink where a Secret Service investigation revealed the $100 bill he used was fake. The ink was runny, there was no watermark, and the Treasury seal was blurry.

This led to a charge of counterfeiting currency.

Months later in April of 2021, Logan was charged with theft after stealing a cutoff saw from a work truck on North Main Street in Lansing. Later that year in December, investigators say Logan stole a Ford Ranger pickup truck in downtown Leavenworth and used it to help steal a refrigerator from a house.

Authorities say that was the first in a series of vehicle burglaries where Logan stole a pickup truck in June of 2022, another truck in July, another one in October followed by an SUV in November, a Subaru on Christmas Eve and then another Ford Ranger in March of 2023.

In all but the incident that happened in October of 2022, Logan also committed theft of one sort or another.

He left clues at various crime scenes, including his cell phone and rubber gloves where his DNA matched.

“Although it took time, the investigation unfolded due to fingerprints and DNA analysis, which allowed law enforcement to connect all of these crimes.” Leavenworth District Attorney Todd Thompson stated in a news release.

“Thanks to law enforcement, we’ve finally put an end to these serial burglaries that have greatly impacted our community.”

He’s still listed in the custody of the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office and hasn’t been moved to a prison yet.