Leavenworth residents face uncertain future

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LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- In the military town of Leavenworth, men and women in uniform continue to work despite the shutdown. But more than 2,000 civilians who work in support of the military were sent home Tuesday.

While in Washington some businesses are offering deals like the "boneless chicken, spineless congress" deal, a free chicken breast to all "non-essential" government employees affected by the shutdown.

Bars and restaurants in Leavenworth say the customers they serve seem fine, for now.

"It's kind of if'ish," said Bill Davis who is a civilian contractor working as a transportation officer on base. Davis was told Tuesday to stay on the job and expect pay.

Despite that Davis says, "Morale is kind of low right now because everyone's wondering."

Terri Lewis isn't as lucky.

"We were given notices yesterday," she said.

Lewis is a physical science technician with the FDA and says Friday's paycheck will cover last week, but not the current week and after that, pay is up in the air. Lewis said on Tuesday morning she was told she had until noon to wrap everything up and head home for the long haul.

"There are individuals that just bought cars, may have just bought a home and now they are going to be short the money they are required to take care of those bills, that are necessities not luxuries or just wants," she said.

So while the town may not yet feel the need to rally to the support of those now playing the waiting game at home, a few more days and the trickle-down effect may soon be felt.

"No, I won't be stopping and getting that cup of coffee at the store. I got coffee at home. There are a few things I will be cutting back on," she said.

The civilian contractors FOX 4 spoke with Wednesday said while they will receive a full paycheck Friday, they all worry that come the next pay period, as essential employees, they may be told to work, but without pay.



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