LEAWOOD, Kan. — Six homeowners had to be evacuated Wednesday after a gas line leak in Leawood.

It happened near 129th and Overbrook in the Leawood South subdivision on Wednesday afternoon. 

“This one I believe buckled the road, so it maybe indicated that it was larger than normal,” Leawood Fire Marshal Justin Ducey told FOX4 Wednesday. 

Kansas Gas spokeswoman Safeena Walji said a contractor damaged one of their natural gas lines. She would not say what that company was and who they were working for.

“Well, I came home and obviously they had some sort of gas line leak in the neighborhood.” Leawood resident David Morton said Thursday.

Morton said the fire department recommended he stay out of his home. 

“So I just went to a friend’s house for a little bit, but the guys were super nice and very professional, and I couldn’t have asked for more from them. They were great,” he said.

By 8 p.m. Wednesday, the fire department said the residents were back in their homes.

But that wasn’t the only gas line leak in Leawood that day. Walji also reported another leak at 131st and Cedar. There were no evacuations in that neighborhood though.

“Our recommendation is anytime you have an odor of gas that maybe you call 911, you evacuate your house. You wait for us to respond and check out the situation,” Ducey said.

“The longer you delay or the longer you wait, the greater the problem can become, so we always encourage anytime anybody has that rotten egg odor or rotten smell that they call 911 and we’ll come check it, and if we do believe that there’s some sort of a gas leak, we’ll call Kansas Gas and have them respond.”

Walji said Kansas Gas crews have completed the repairs at both locations. They finished safety checks in each neighborhood Thursday afternoon.