Lee’s Summit man’s smoke break ends with 30 stitches, 5 staples

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***Warning: The video contains graphic footage including blood.***

LEES SUMMIT, Mo. – Downtown Lees Summit was flooded with people Friday evening wearing their Red Friday gear and one of those people was Greg Gentry. He told FOX4 he had just got paid and planned to have a drink at the pub down the street from his house.

“I was feeling good, saw a few friends out there; it was a good night,” he said.

It was after 10 p.m. when Gentry said he stepped outside of the pub to smoke a cigarette.

“There were guys across the street coming from maybe a wedding venue because they had suits on,” Gentry said.”A verbal altercation started, and they came at me aggressively, so I defended myself.”

Gentry told FOX4 that two gentleman walked across the street toward him. Then, one hit him in the head with a bar glass.

“All I saw was red. I was in shock,” he said. “I blacked out, really. After that, I just remember the doctor saying I lost four pints of blood.”

Since then, Gentry said he called around to see if he could retrieve any camera footage of the incident.

“Police told me I’d need to wait until Monday to file a police report.”

Doctors used 30 stitches and five staples to put Gentry’s head back together.

“I got emotional earlier,” he said, looking away. “I’m lucky to be here.”

Police are asking anyone with information about what happened Friday night on the corner of Douglass and 3rd street in downtown Lee’s Summit to call them.



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