Lee’s Summit Mayor Bill Baird announces he has COVID-19


Lee’s Summit Mayor Bill Baird

LEES SUMMIT, Mo. — The Mayor of Lee’s Summit has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a message posted on the city’s YouTube account, Baird shared the news that he’s tested positive for coronavirus.

“Hello everyone. I have an announcement to make. A couple days ago, I thought my allergies were acting up and as the day went on, I realized I had body aches,” Baird said.

“As mayor of Lee’s Summit, I thought I need to be sure I know since I’m meeting people all the time, so I was able to set up a test and the next day I got the results and I did test positive for COVID-19.”

Baird went on to say that he never experienced a fever or a headache, but he did lose his sense of smell and taste. He also said he was short of breath.

“Take care of yourself. Take inventory of yourself. Don’t just think it’s allergies. Try to pay attention to how your body’s feeling.”

The mayor also said he has been wearing a mask and has limited his exposure to family members and others unless it was for essential work.

“We’re going into this holiday weekend, so I’d like you to keep that in mind. Keep it outdoors if you can. Keep your mom and dad six to 10 feet away. You’ll feel good about the fact that you did if something like this happens to you, because I don’t know where I got COVID.”

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